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The night is still young, and you’re sitting on the porch, relaxing on your rocking chair. Suddenly, you hear and see some strong bubbling emerging from the swamp. “How can anything live here?” you wonder. Before you know it, a horde of crocodiles have emerged, camouflaged by the night and green swamp. Thank goodness you’ve got your mom’s shotgun. You haven’t held it in five years, but none of these miscreants can touch your house! Are you ready? Play Swamp Attack now!

Download and play Swamp Attack on PC and MAC FREE now!

About Swamp Attack

Swamp Attack is a type of ‘tower defense’ action game. Players need to defend the house from the endless hordes of mutated animals! The story is divided into 8 episodes, and we also have quick missions in between. It’s got a simple gameplay; you basically click on the screen where you want to direct your shots. One aspect of this game is its addict-ability. We can go on for hours without taking a break due to its incessant levels and interesting storyline. As we advance in the game, we can get new and more powerful weapons. With these newly-improved weapons, it’s easier to defend the cabin and kill all 15 types of creatures on this accursed swamp. We can also get potions that increase our life, or replenish our energy to keep fighting. Swamp Attack is a classic action game, best of its genre. This game is excellent for those players who love the action genre. Download Swamp Attack and play it on PC today!



Game Features

  • Immerse yourself in a crazy storyline full of intrigue. In the game you are a lazy (but skilled) gun wielder, just trying to defend your porch.
  • Choose from an arsenal of weapons - flamethrower, refrigerators, Uzi and many more! You won’t just get stuck with your Shotgun!
  • Access insider tips on Swamp Attack’s boss episodes and how to defeat them!
  • Swamp Attack Multiplayer mode lends a lot of fun to competitive human beings like yourself! It’s not fun when you only can defeat the computer…
  • Have all your burning questions about Swamp Attack answered by visiting our Swamp Attack Knowledge Base!

Download and Play Swamp Attack on PC, MAC FREE now!

Check out these game screenshots.

Swamp Atack Screenshot
Swamp Atack Screenshot

Play Swamp Attack on PC & Mac FREE now!

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