About Swamp Attack

About Swamp Attack the Game

About Swamp Attack: It is a shooting game that resembles an arcade game. The setting of this game is in a swamp, where the protagonist faces morbid creatures living in the swamp. They might have gone on living peaceably together if not for the weaponized creatures! The game consists of eliminating enemies using shotguns, dynamites, bombs and special weapons. The basis of the game is the use of bullets. At the beginning of Swamp Attack you facedown with hungry crocodiles. As you progress, you’ll meet annoying insects, piranhas, beavers, raccoons and other strange animals.


The method of defense in the swamp is through an arsenal of weapons. The main weapon is the shotgun, and as you survive each mad level, you get powerful weapons like machine guns. Also flamethrowers, assault rifles, and extraterrestrial weapons. You can also use mines, dynamite sticks or Molotov cocktails and air strikes.


In Swamp Attack, there are 70 different levels in four chapters. In order to complete the game, you need to reach the last chapter by killing all the enemies in each one of the levels. There is a series of tricks and useful tips to overcome the levels more effectively.


Some tips


A basic tip is to return to play the levels exceeded to get coins and improve our weapons. When we get stuck on a level, the explosives are the way out to get through the level faster. You need to have reserves of these explosives. In case the explosives do not work, use another weapon. The viable options are freezing and homemade bombs.


Time is essential. You have to take your time to maintain stability in the levels and control of your lives. A bullet must not be interrupted before recharging but immediately after the bullet is recharged.


Bullets should not be used alone with an enemy; they should only be used with a group of enemies, using the homemade incendiary bomb. You should also use enemy freezes, while we focus on reloading and firing with our available weapons. The explosive has a lot of damage, so it is recommended to use them on bigger enemies.


More tips


The use of energy is important. The energy level recovers, but you’ve to do it faster. When the power runs out, you have to resort to the local time setting of the device.


For the last level, there is no difficulty to overcome it; it is a repetitive level, where you get enough funds for a new update, to fill your explosives and valuable items and to steady yourself for the level. It has quick missions where you can get good rewards.


In conclusion, Swamp Attack is an attractive base defense game that takes place in a swamp. The basis of the game is to keep strange creatures away from the swamp. There are many levels and they are becoming more intense. Swamp Attack is a kind of action ‘tower defense’ in which players will have to defend the marsh house of the protagonist. These useful and effective tips to improve the skills of players keep good levels and results.


We hope you know more about Swamp Attack now! Download and play the game on PC or MAC today.