Swamp Attack Guide | Swamp Attack Multiplayer Tips

Swamp Attack Guide

This comprehensive Swamp Attack guide will focus on Swamp Attack Multiplayer tips and tricks, and how to defeat your opponents! But first, what is Swamp Attack?

What is Swamp Attack?


Swamp Attack Multiplayer Guide


The game starts off with a lazy (he’s perpetually on his rocking chair, even in the thick of action) man. He realizes that his hut is not that safe anymore – not even in the middle of a lost, strange swamp! Soon, hungry crocodiles and giant mosquitoes appear. It’s up to you and your shotgun to save your hut! The creatures of the swamp become stronger as you surpass each level. This means, from not-so-harmful crocodiles, you quickly meet the dangerous piranhas, beavers, raccoons and a host of other crazy animals! To defend the marsh house there is a good arsenal of weapons, other than your shotgun. As you advance in the game, you’ll soon be able to buy machine guns, flamethrowers, assault rifles and even extraterrestrial weapons.

The game has more than 70 different levels divided into 4 chapters. You have to shoot, collect coins, special weapons, first aid kits to recover energy and extra ammunition for weapons. On some levels, you must shoot at flying saucers/UFOs to obtain explosive bombs and other specialized weapons. As you advance between the different levels, the game becomes more complicated and the precise skill and improvement of the weapons become more necessary.


What is Swamp Attack Multiplayer?


Swamp Attack Multiplayer


If you’ve completed the 8 episodes and thought that the experience wasn’t so bad, then you need to try the multiplayer version. For the former, it’s all about a showdown with the computer and AI. But the latter will require you to bump up your game as you’ll be facing humans who are just as hungry as winning as you are!

In Swamp Attack Multiplayer mode, you need to hatch eggs dropped by flying birds after shooting them. Then hatch these creatures by clicking on the eggs to get them launched over to your opponent’s side! The faster you can do it, the more creatures you send crawling into your neighbor’s swamp. In this multiplayer mode, you really must multi-task. You’re essentially trying to do three tasks at once:

  1. Shoot the birds
  2. Click on their dropped eggs
  3. Shoot the creatures your neighbor is sending over to you
  4. Send over creatures saved in your left column

It’s quite a big feat. At the beginning, it may seem simple, but it gets harder with tougher opponents and with more birds!

One trick is to harvest a multitude of eggs before sending them over to your neighbor. Save up your eggs and don’t waste them by only sending one or two crocodiles over each time. Your neighbor will decimate your creatures in a blink of an eye. Instead, just focus on collecting eggs and don’t worry about sending them over. Yet.

Try to avoid the birds smashing into your house! This will also cause damage!

A good gauge of what creatures and how many to send over is this:

2 x of the 10 egg creatures

5 x of the 5 egg creatures

10 x of the 2 egg creatures (turtles)

We hope our Swamp Attack Multiplayer guide helps you better defeat your friends and opponents! Good luck 🙂

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