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Game Features | Swamp Attack Boss Episodes

A seasoned player of Swamp Attack would notice that Swamp Attack episodes get incrementally harder. As if Swamp Attack is not strange enough! In this section, we’ll be breaking down the rough idea of the Swamp Attack boss episodes for you. We want you to have a clearer idea of each level’s endgame boss without too many spoilers!

Swamp Attack Boss Episodes:

For episode 1, the boss is weak up close, so you need to concentrate all your efforts on meleeing him!

For episode 2, the boss is powerful at a range. It’ll spawn mosquitoes until it runs out of HP. The mozzies are a bother, so try to use something other than your trusty shotgun.

In episode 3, the boss is going to be attacking from a range as well. Focus your attention on his projectiles – shoot them away and you get extra coins.

You’ll meet a monster that spawns UFOs in Episode 4. Think of their flying around…

Episode 5 is yet another range-expert boss monster. Give it all you’ve got.

For Episode 6, pull out all your firepower! Some players have needed pianos, acid rains, stinky, battery etc. You might even need to use blobthrower and the alien blaster!

Epiosde 7’s boss level consists of a machine-clad monster. We’re lucky it doesn’t take away our items like in the other levels!

Episode 8 – needless to say, loads of firepower. Load up on your offensive moves to the quick!

Episode 9 – Everyone’s waiting for this one, but it’s not out yet, at least not to our knowledge. Well, that means replaying the other episodes with harder difficulty levels 😉

We hope our Swamp Attack boss episodes guide helps you in defeating the bosses you’re facing now!

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