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Swamp Attack Cheats and Hacks

Swamp Attack features an overweight guy at the door of his house that sits and kills a lot of animals and vermin with machine guns, the atomic bomb, and several other weapons. In this guide, we help you see what are the best Swamp Attack cheats and hacks available! Even if these cheats and hacks don’t work, you’ll still have some useful tips (which we’ll also be sharing with you).


Tips: Set your priorities straight


A clear goal is to earn money (coins). There are several ways to earn coins. Without the coins, it is almost impossible to pass the level since it is necessary to invest in weapons, defenses, and explosives.


There are 5 main ways to earn money: Multiplayer mode / Quick missions / Repeat missions / Watch videos / Buy coins / Challenge. Multiplayer mode is the best way since you do not lose energy (if you win). Still, losing can earn you money and if you manage to last longer, you earn more money. If you are good at multiplayer, you will be able to get more money with less time spent.


If you’re not very good we’d recommend you go to the quick missions.


Quick Missions


The good thing is that it gives quick money. It is a good alternative if you happen to always lose in multiplayer mode. You do not have to spend on weapons. The only downside is that you lose your energy at the end of the mission. You can win between one thousand and two thousand coins approximately. Repeat these quick missions. We reckon multiplayer and quick missions give more money in less time.


If there is a mission that without spending weapons gives you more money than the quick missions, it is worth doing. Watch videos. They are between 10 and 20 videos that you can see for 50 coins each. One gains roughly about 400 to 500 coins to watch commercials that last between 10 and 60 seconds. It’s not that much, but it’s still worth doing if you do not have more energy to perform fast missions. Or if you’re not good at multiplayer mode. Buy coins.


Buy weapons


If you are in a hurry and want to finish the missions quickly, it is a good option to buy weapons quickly. This allows you to pass the level without wasting too much time with the other steps we’d mentioned above.


Tricks to win at different levels


You can obtain the fridge to freeze the swamp creatures when you unlock Episode 1, Level 7. It is definitely one of the best weapons. You can freeze all the monsters and kill them with time to spare. However, be careful that you don’t carelessly combine it with hot weapons like the Molotov bomb, the dynamite or the flamethrower. These weapons will defrost the monsters, rendering your freeze-hold invalid.


To win at different levels, you have to: Invest in defenses.


Cousin Roy is excellent for eating mosquitoes and other animals or flying craft. Invest in improving explosives and weapons, especially the refrigerator, the battery and the crossbow. Combined, they can be very powerful. If the opponents attempt to neutralize the refrigerators and explosives, kill them with the crossbow or the lance bubbles. Use the stop sign for explosive raccoons in a boat. Do not use weapons that you’re not familiar with. Just choose the weapons and explosives you need for that mission.


The morbid swamp creatures


If these creatures shot you, you’d stop attacking for a few seconds or less. If there are several animals attacking you, it is better to give a bullet to each one, than to shoot all the bullets at it. Weapons with fire generate fire that weakens enemies even after they stop firing. If you have few reserves of bubbles, throws flames, try to throw them in small quantities to take advantage of the extra fiery damage. Especially if they are animals that only attack closeup are still far away. This will help you save bullets when they are scarce (which happens a lot).


Other weapons: Swamp Attack Cheats


There is a machine gun that is activated with 200,000 coins. It is quite powerful and can kill animals or airships as well as land animals. The atomic bomb costs 100,000 coins. The downside is that you can only use one per mission. It can be quite useful if you are about to die and it is your last resort to live.


With some luck you’ll be able to kill all your enemies with these powerful weapons. The alien gun is good for killing piranhas and aquatic aliens that are submerged in the water. The flamethrower is considered by some to be the most powerful weapon. The missile launcher is quite powerful, but it has the same problem as the flamethrower. This is good for killing several en masse or for hurting the monsters at the end of the episode. Both the shotgun and the double cannon require the purchase of a larger magazine to support more bullets. Investing in improvements is very important because this is a weapon where re-charging bullets does not cost money. The Uzi and the M16 Rifle are machine guns. The Uzi is used when the enemies are close and the M16 is used when they are far away. Using Uzi with distant enemies will deal less damage to them.




Put all your defenses at maximum level or at least try to. Especially in the missions with UFOs; they are the most difficult missions. Without defenses at their maximum level, it can be notoriously hard to pass the level. The stakes are especially useful for quick missions. You use them when you run out of bullets and kinda get stuck with nothing.


Tricks to win in multiplayer


The multiplayer mode is more complicated than the episodes themselves since you play with humans who are bent on winning as well. Obviously, there are human bosses and other mazes, but as your score goes up, you are assigned to more difficult opponents.


In this mode, you must kill birds and take their eggs. The more eggs you take, the more monsters you’ll have to deal against your opponent.


We hope our Swamp Attack cheats and hacks guide is able to help you become an awesome player!

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