Swamp Attack Knowledge Base

Whether or not you know how to shoot, it doesn’t matter for the Swamp Attack game! In our Swamp Attack knowledge base, we answer all your curious and strange questions about this game. What is Swamp Attack? Find out more about the boss episodes here, and how to win them! Why are all the crocodiles named Karl (no answer to this one!!)? And since when can turtles run this fast? If you’re wondering about the latest updates to the game, you can click here!

In our Swamp Attack Knowledge Base, we’ll (try to) answer all your questions! Forget Swamp Attack Forums or wikis or even YouTube videos! You will find the answers you’re looking for here! Especially on the boss episodes. This is a niche game for a very niche group, so let’s stick together and defeat the rotten (but cute) creatures of the swamp!

Are you ready to sink or swim in the world of Swamp Attack?!

Why Should You Play Swamp Attack?

Why you should play Swamp Attack Yep, we get it. You’re being cautious because you don’t want to go around downloading nonsense into your computer. You’d want to play a…

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How to Maximize Explosives in Swamp Attack?

Maximize Your Explosives in Swamp Attack When you’ve landed explosives, don’t just give ’em away to the enemy half-heartedly! You ought to strike when the iron is hot! Explosives aren’t…

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What are some Swamp Attack Tips?

Swamp Attack Tips When it comes to the madness that is Swamp Attack, you definitely need all the help you can get. You need all the Swamp Attack tips and…

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What’s the Best Weapon in Swamp Attack?

Best weapon in Swamp Attack? Is there such a thing as the best weapon in Swamp Attack? Sure why not? Apart from the shotgun, there is one other esteemed weapon…

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How to Get More Coins in Swamp Attack?

How to get more coins in Swamp Attack? To get more coins in Swamp Attack, you can try to replay the last level you found easy to beat.   Why?…

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How to Regain Energy in Swamp Attack?

How to regain energy in Swamp Attack It’s not as hard as it sounds when you apply this simple trick to regain energy in Swamp Attack!   If you’ve been…

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What’s Strange in Swamp Attack?

This must be a strange question to ask. What’s strange in Swamp Attack? If you’ve played the game, you’d feel like something is amiss. The rocking chair of the protagonist……

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How to Play Swamp Attack?

How to play Swamp Attack? It’s not a rocket science. It’s actually quite easy to understand and play this game once you’ve gotten the hang of it. You play the…

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What are the Weapons in Swamp Attack?

What are the weapons in Swamp attack? Playing this game will make you wonder at one point: how many weapons are there in Swamp Attack? What are the weapons in…

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What is Swamp Attack?

What is Swamp Attack? So, what is Swamp Attack? The name “Swamp Attack” gives away a lot. It’s about a swamp under attack. In this game, you’re on the side…

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