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How to Get More Coins in Swamp Attack?

How to get more coins in Swamp Attack?

To get more coins in Swamp Attack, you can try to replay the last level you found easy to beat.


Why? You don’t want too hard a level – if you lose, what’s the point? Also, play without using any paid weapons. For example, if the Uzi bullets cost a bomb, don’t use it in the level you want to grind for more coins! Replay it over and over to get more coins. Of course, don’t play too easy a level, because then your earnings won’t equate to the energy spent! Play a level with mediocre difficulty.


Once you’ve achieved enough coins from the level you were “grinding” in, you now have funds for a new upgrade. With these new coins, spend them wisely on explosives that will truly help in your fighting. There is a temptation to get one of each weapon for the sheer curiosity of it, but if you do, then it’s a waste. You’ll be spreading your resources too thinly on things you’re not sure you’ll be using!


Unless you want to spend real money, you’d better stick to grinding the levels. Also, try the quick missions as well. They will provide some coins for you to earn!


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