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How to Maximize Explosives in Swamp Attack?

Maximize Your Explosives in Swamp Attack

When you’ve landed explosives, don’t just give ’em away to the enemy half-heartedly! You ought to strike when the iron is hot! Explosives aren’t cheap or easy to come by. So how do you maximize your explosives in Swamp Attack?


When you see a horrendous group of crocodiles heading your way, do you toss the explosives? The answer should be no. These crocodiles are relatively harmless compared to the rats and raccoons! Only use it when you see a tough group of enemies heading your way, and worse still, at high speeds!


Use your explosives and get those multi-kills! Multi-kills land you more coins, so be sure to maximize your explosives in Swamp Attack by targeting the stronger group of enemies when they’re still far off. If you know you can get rid of the enemies heading your way armed with just a shotgun, then don’t use the explosives! Even if you have a lot. It’s good to keep saving them – you’ll need them when the levels become insanely hard.


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