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How to Play Swamp Attack?

How to play Swamp Attack?

It’s not a rocket science. It’s actually quite easy to understand and play this game once you’ve gotten the hang of it. You play the role of a third-person shooter. The character is on screen – he’s an overweight man donning a cap and holding a shotgun. The shotgun has unlimited bullets, which you will use to spray on all the swamp creatures! Your job is to shoot them all down before they reach the character in the rocking chair and the house! That’s how to play Swamp Attack!


The game gets slightly more complicated after that. You’ll realize that the trusty ol shotgun isn’t good or fast enough to tackle the heinous wave of creatures that come romping just outside your house! As you progress each episode (which will have a boss), the difficulty also increases. Fret not! Collect the coins and you’ll get a chance to buy items from the shop to increase your chances of winning! Need to know what the list of weapons from the shop is? Click here! Try not to get guns that need more and more bullets each time! It can get very pricey. For example, we bought an Uzi and spent a bomb on getting bullets for the ol’ thing. In the long run, it’s not a good solution. We’d rather use the shotgun.


After defeating the bosses, you get into a newer part of the storyline. You’ll eventually discover what is the origin of these strange swamp attack creatures! A mad scientist with a blood-thirsty dream is all the hint we can give you right now.


Right now, you just need to download and play the game on PC or MAC!