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How to Regain Energy in Swamp Attack?

How to regain energy in Swamp Attack

It’s not as hard as it sounds when you apply this simple trick to regain energy in Swamp Attack!


If you’ve been spamming the game and realize you’re out on energy, there’s a little trick you can perform to get the game reloaded in a flash without you having to wait! What’s the trick?


First, exit the game. Fast forward your date/time settings on the device. This will time-warp your device to the time when you’re fully rested. You’re tricking the device into thinking you’re completely awake! Then log into the game.


Hooray! You’ve got full bars of energy! It’s time to blast those swamp creatures back to where they belong!


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What is Swamp Attack?

It’s a third-person shooter game that consists of assisting an overweight man on a rocking chair defeat a whole multitude of swamp creatures! They are threatening to take over your house and will not hold back! So you’ve got to hold them back. Armed with your shotgun, refrigerators and bombs, you’re well on your way to becoming the guardian of the swamp.