Swamp Attack Knowledge Base

Whether or not you know how to shoot, it doesn’t matter for the Swamp Attack game! In our Swamp Attack knowledge base, we answer all your curious and strange questions about this game. What is Swamp Attack? Find out more about the boss episodes here, and how to win them! Why are all the crocodiles named Karl (no answer to this one!!)? And since when can turtles run this fast? If you’re wondering about the latest updates to the game, you can click here!

In our Swamp Attack Knowledge Base, we’ll (try to) answer all your questions! Forget Swamp Attack Forums or wikis or even YouTube videos! You will find the answers you’re looking for here! Especially on the boss episodes. This is a niche game for a very niche group, so let’s stick together and defeat the rotten (but cute) creatures of the swamp!

Are you ready to sink or swim in the world of Swamp Attack?!

What’s the Swamp Attack Storyline?

The Swamp Attack Storyline IThis game was developed by Outfit7, the same company that produced My Talking Tom and the entire collection of Talking Tom and Friends. Read on to…

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