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What are some Swamp Attack Tips?

Swamp Attack Tips

When it comes to the madness that is Swamp Attack, you definitely need all the help you can get. You need all the Swamp Attack tips and tricks you possibly can glean from forums and things! But here’s a really obvious one, apart from how to get more coins and how to regain energy faster in Swamp Attack. It’s about destroying the strongest swamp creatures… first!


But why?


Well, the strongest animals will take the longest to kill, even if they’re the furthest. Taking this into consideration, it’s pretty obvious that you should take down all the strongest swamp creatures. That means, if you see the rats and raccoons coming with the crocodiles, leave the crocodiles alone until they’re wee feet away from your house. The crocodiles are perpetually harmless far away – but these rats and raccoons are not. The rats have got guns! The raccoons are rowing explosive boats towards you! Who knew these weaker animals IRL are stronger than the crocodiles!


So, prioritize the energy you devote to your kills. Take out the stronger animals before you relax and kill the weaker ones! It makes sense too, doesn’t it?