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What are the Weapons in Swamp Attack?

What are the weapons in Swamp attack?

Playing this game will make you wonder at one point: how many weapons are there in Swamp Attack? What are the weapons in Swamp Attack? Here’s the list of weapons in Swamp Attack:

  1. A shotgun, with unlimited ammunition.
  2. An Uzi that spreads bullets everywhere.
  3. An M16
  4. A flamethrower
  5. A crossbow
  6. There is an alien Gun it is very similar to the flamethrower
  7. A blob thrower
  8. An RPG, which is also the worst weapon XD
  9. A minigun
  10. There are explosives, which are: Dynamite, a one time explosive. Its battery is slow but when it explodes, it damages everything around it.
  11. Acid rain, Stop sign, Airstrikes, Beehives, Stinky, A-bomb


You can also start with an easter egg for the quick game modes if you do not have any of the above weapons. At least you will still have the egg in your hands.


How to get the weapons?


Some of these weapons can be unlocked or opened with coins or by moving up levels. Some weapons are also used as defense such as wood, and cousin-Roy, which can damage insects and other flying creatures although expensive.


There are also barricades, spikes, oil barrels, barrels, Aunt Misty, Neighbour Bud, Bear, the mine. In the game there is something called Multikill. This destroys a group of monsters with one hit and increases the coin you gain. There is only so much you can do with the multi-kill, though.

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