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What is Swamp Attack?

What is Swamp Attack?

So, what is Swamp Attack? The name “Swamp Attack” gives away a lot. It’s about a swamp under attack.

In this game, you’re on the side of an overweight man donning a cap and holding a shotgun. There are creatures in the swamp that has gone mad and they’re coming onto your estate. Your estate is a precious inheritance and there is no way the creatures are going to lay a finger on it! Not by your grandmother’s bones!


You embark on a series of missions that become increasingly harder. Throughout the levels, you must remain calm and keep your cool. The defense must be tight, and your shotgun is your trusty weapon. Starting off with a shotgun, it won’t be long before you can buy everything from machine guns and flamethrowers to assault rifles and alien weapons. On top of that, you’ll be able to plant mines, throw dynamite or Molotov cocktails, and even request aerial attacks.


At the beginning of Swamp Attack, you’ll run into hungry crocodiles. As you move on you’ll face a number of crazy animals like giant mosquitoes, piranhas, beavers, and raccoons. Don’t worry though, for you’ll have a large arsenal of weapons to defend the swamp house.


Its a sort of low defense game where the player has to defend the swamp from monsters in the most efficient way.