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What’s the Best Weapon in Swamp Attack?

Best weapon in Swamp Attack?

Is there such a thing as the best weapon in Swamp Attack? Sure why not? Apart from the shotgun, there is one other esteemed weapon that the swamp creatures fear with all their hearts.


Just what is it??

OK, the best weapon in Swamp Attack that we’ve discovered is the Flame-thrower. Does that surprise you? It really shouldn’t. If you have used it before, you’d know how powerful it is! Not only does it attack the far away enemies, but it hits them with such gravity that they have no choice but to burn to death before they come anywhere near you or the house. The only sad thing about the flame-thrower is that it loses steam pretty fast, so you gotta ensure that the flame-thrower refills in time.


You can upgrade the flame-thrower so that you can further expand the effects of the attack to both water and air! The shotgun is pretty good too, but the slow reload speed (unless you can ramp it up) really hinders the battles. Also, there’s a trick to acing the shotgun. Knowing that it reloads slowly, you ought not to fire unless the bullets are almost full! Don’t fire when there are two or three bullets left in the shotgun, because the time taken to reload is really slow!


So if you haven’t gotten your flame-thrower yet, you know what to do!