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What’s the Swamp Attack Storyline?

The Swamp Attack Storyline

IThis game was developed by Outfit7, the same company that produced My Talking Tom and the entire collection of Talking Tom and Friends. Read on to learn about the Swamp Attack Storyline! In the iOs and Android mobile game, and now the downloadable PC and MAC version, you get to play as an oversized man with buck teeth, a shotgun, and an overly proportioned gut.


It looks like he’s in need of a makeover. Then again, he is quite content to sit in his swamp, smoke, and blast country music to his heart’s desire.


However, life in the swamp is not all carefree; evil zombie reptiles and insects have taken over the swamp and are encroaching on your land. They come in waves in increasing difficulty and want nothing more than to eat you up and destroy your house. Undeterred, your beer-breathed hero stays calm in the face of imminent danger, allowing his shotgun to do the talking for him.


There are a great variety of different enemies including raccoons, lizards, and even poison-spitting mosquitoes. Killing more enemies grants increased rewards. They can include dynamite, potions, and other boosters needed to get an edge in combat.


Addictive and challenging are the words to describe this game. With 78 total levels spanning over four episodes, there is no lack of content.


Boss levels


At the end of each of the episodes comes a boss fight that will test your abilities. Flying saucer UFO events can find you in short supply of any additional ammo. This will force you to become one with the shotgun. Taking these saucers down can recover some power-ups that were stolen.


There is an in-game shop that allows players to purchase new weapons or upgrades in return for gold coins that are gathered throughout gameplay. You can even go back to reply old levels or to grind out more rewards. Most weapons are unlockable through play, but you can also buy them ahead of time if you have the extra resources.


This game is a very enjoyable and a great time killer. With its own brand of strange American charm, it is sure to be enjoyable over a wide range of audiences. Since it is free to play, addictive, offers fun and funny animations and sounds, and is also replayable, what are you waiting for? It’s time to download and play Swamp Attack!

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