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Why Should You Play Swamp Attack?

Why you should play Swamp Attack

Yep, we get it. You’re being cautious because you don’t want to go around downloading nonsense into your computer. You’d want to play a game that’s worthy of your time – and to be honest, so would we. Let us walk with you through the reasons why you should play Swamp Attack!


Swamp Attack is a great game not just because you’ve got a relaxed protagonist fending crazed animals off his porch. Not because the animals are plenty cool, either – machine-gun wielding rats and log-surfing creatures. This is a worthy game because of its immersive storyline. We can’t say it’s got a solid storyline like the way you perceive Mobile Legends’ (frankly, theirs is eternal). The light and breezy storyline coupled with some really adrenaline-pumping action get us every time.


Swampy beginnings


You start off with a lone ranger sitting on his rocking chair on the front porch. You can’t get any more chill than this! The monsters are about to wipe out the entire swamp and you’re fighting them from a rocking chair. Talk about real sleep deprivation or something. It’s still good to know that your protagonist is pretty hardy. From the get-go, you come face to face with scary-looking but mostly harmless crocodiles. They’re called Karl – yep, all of them. The animals progressively become harder and you find that your trusty shotgun needs some severe modding amping up.


Are you able to fend them off? The rats, raccoons, beavers, mozzies and the works? UFOs? Yup, that’s how crazy the game gets. But you’re not angry, you’re just intrigued. Episode after episode, you move up in the game wanting to solve the infernal mystery of who is behind these swamp attacks! Why were there even UFOs? No, why were there even Swamp Monsters?!


Apart from the compelling storyline, the gameplay is very engaging – maybe to a fault. We can’t stop until we’ve reached episode 8 – and even after that, we’re hungering for more. Outfit7, can you hear us?? They’re probably busy with Talking Tom and Friends.


We hope we’ve convinced you to download and play Swamp Attack on PC and MAC!