Swamp Attack Updates: News, Release Notes and Monthly Updates

Swamp Attack Updates

According to the Community page, there are two new episodes of the game came out recently. The last update to Swamp Attack’s Facebook page was on April 11, 2018. Here are some Swamp Attack updates that you can look forward to!


In the comments of posts on the Facebook page, players that ‘like’ the page post requests about what they would like to see improve in the game. They post suggestions about what they want to be updated on the game. One of the players of the game that posted that the ‘mines’ in the game are missing or no longer part of the game. Players want new ‘episodes’. While episode 9 isn’t out yet, there are a few smaller updates (two) recently released.


The earliest updates to the game were in 2013. In 2017, there was an ‘update’ to the multiplayer game on the Swamp Attack Facebook page. On February 12 2018, the game reached one hundred million downloads.


Swamp Attack’s webcomics


The webcomics that are posted by the illustrators and developers are short and have punch lines and are hilariously funny. If you haven’t heard about them yet, you need to visit their Facebook page to read all their jokes. For one, all the crocodiles in Swamp Attack are “Karl”… Talk about cloning crocs!


However, webcomic wise, the developers of the game have not posted since April 11, 2018. They must be busy trying to build other aspects of the game or focusing on other projects. The webcomics on the page are short comic strips sort of like the kind you would find in the Sunday/syndicated comics. The illustrations/comics on the Swamp Attack Facebook page apparently go along with the storyline and characters in the game. There are long periods of waiting between each game update, but players are happy nonetheless.


Swamp Attack Community


The Swamp Attack community is a large one. There are at least 16,000 people who are in the Facebook Community for Swamp Attack. They love sharing tips and advice with each other. They are also united in their misery in waiting for the new episodes of the game to be out! People who play Swamp Attack make up a pretty niche group. Hence, the bonds between these people are stronger than your average, popular game.